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Her Pets Services is a company devoted to your pets. We provide the following services:

Pet Sitting Services

A pet sitting service where we will watch your pets at your home for however long you need.  We will provide spa treatment upon request.  Her Pets Services will ensure the owners that their pets will be treated as our own. 


Our doggie daycare and boarding service includes keeping your dog at Her Pets Services for whatever period of time you request. We also provide references for certain areas, call us to find out more. 

Check In/Visits

This is a service provided for those who don't need an hourly sitter but someone to check in on their pet(s) every now and then. 

Dog Walking Services

Includes walking your dog for which ever set time that you require. We also provide dog running services.

Dog Running 

This service is generally for dogs with very high energy. Her Pets Services will take your dog on a long jog or run to help burn out some of that extra energy. We will also organize group runs if requested.

Dog Grooming Services

"The best all around"

Everyone wants their dog to smell fresh.  Her Pet Services provides dog grooming services which include shampooing the dog according to his or her skin texture,brushing teeth, and cleaning out the ears.  To find out about our Calming Package, give us a call.

Pet Taxi Services

"Catch that ride"

Her Pets Services provides a comfortable ride to and from different places for your pet.  We will pick up your pet and bring him to the vet, cleaners, the sitters, or even a play date! We at Her Pets Services know that some dogs just like to ride.  Her Pets Services will  take your dog for a ride around town at your request. We even provide the service of going to the pet store for you! We ask that you schedule your taxi at least 1 hour ahead of time.

Training Services

"Good boy"

We at Her Pets Services know how difficult it can be to enjoy a walk in the park with an unruly dog. We've got the solution! Her Pets Services offers training sessions for puppies, small breed dogs, and medium to large breed dogs. Our selection of training sessions include Leash Training, Potty Training, and Behavior Training. Schedule a consult today!

Waste Removal Services

By the Poop Group

Our "Poop Group" is a residential and commercial animal waste removal service. The name says it all! Your pets do it, we clean it.

Puppy Planning

For Breeders or Families Adopting

Her Pets Services loves to help in any way we can. Are you a breeder expecting a new litter of puppies? Are you planning to adopt a new pet into the family? Her Pets Services can help by providing you with a unique plan to fit your families needs for welcoming your new pet(s).